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The UNIX operating system is used on all sizes of computers - specialized hardware, commodity desktop, mainframe, and supercomputers. It is used by Apple Corporation for its Mac OS operating system. There are indications that changes may be occurring with the UNIX software model. The Open Group manages the UNIX trademark licensing program.

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A UNIX operating system will have over 250 commands. UNIX commands serve as verbs, commands options as adjectives, and file and directory names as nouns. Specific commands in UNIX can have different versions. This results from the adaptation by different vendors: HP-UX from Hewlett Packard, and IBM - AIX UNIX, and Oracle - Solaris, and BSD UNIX - University of California at Berkeley.  New versions of commands have been created to meet different operational requirements. UNIX also has multiple shells: Bourne, C Shell, and Korn. MIT developed the X Window System which is the basis of Gnome, KDE, OpenWindows, and Open Desktop. Most UNIX operating systems are a complete operating system with the code, applications, and utilities provided by a single source or vendor; there is a commercial license with contractual requirements, charges, and restrictions.

Solaris 11 runs on Dell and other x86 hardware. However, Oracle Corporation provides advantages and performance improvements with running Solaris on its SPARC hardware.

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The SYS-ED training service has been expanded to provide courseware for UNIX-variant operating systems.